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Find out the top questions to ask before buying your Diesel Generator Set


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Diesel Generator set offers answers to the top questions you need to ask before purchasing a diesel generator set.


How many generator choices are there?
There are a lot of choices for a generator set. Find out the different types and their applications.


What size of a diesel Generator set do I need? 
It depends on what electrical loads you want to power, and how you sequence the load applications.

Installation of a diesel generator set
Find out how to install your diesel generator set.


What is the maintenance of a diesel generator set?
Your diesel generator set requires some maintenance find out how much here.


What the advantages of buying a diesel generator instead of gas generator?
Find out the advances and disadvantages of a diesel generators over a gas generator.


What is the difference between standby/emergency use and prime or
prime continuous duty applications?

A very important questions on deciding what type of diesel generator set your applications require.


Why do well pumps, air-conditioners, welders and other electrical motor driven appliances require special consideration when sizing a generator?
Find out why these applications need special consideration when choosing your diesel generator set.



What the advantages of buying a diesel generator instead of gas generator?


Top  Question you need to ask


What the advantages of buying a diesel generator instead of gas generators?

When deciding on a generator set some of the toughest challenge is deciding what type of fuel you use on the generator. We will give you the advantages and disadvantages of gaseous (including natural gas or propane) and also on diesel to help you make a decision which one would work best for your application.

What the advances of buying a diesel generator instead of gas generator  -  Positive reasons to use gaseous powered engines:

  • Quieter engine noise level
  • More convenient fuel source (natural gas)
  • More emission compliant

What the advances of buying a diesel generator instead of gas generator  - negative reasons to use LP and NG factors to consider:

  • More expensive to operate can be as much as 3 times the fuel consumption compare to a diesel engine.
  • More expensive to purchase for models larger than 30kw
  • Shorter life expectancy -  for air-cooled models ten to one and water-cooled models three to one compared to diesel powered gensets. A gas engine can have life expectancy as low as 500 hours depending on engine make and use.
  • Hurricanes and earthquakes can disrupt the flow of natural gas lines with up rutted trees and can be very dangerous if lines are broken.
  • Natural gas begins to derate at +20 degrees above zero and propane begins to derate around -20 degrees above zero.

What the advances of buying a diesel generator instead of gas generator  -  Positive factors for diesel engines:

  • Life expectancy for liquid cooled 1800 rpm engines can be 20,000 hours if properly serviced  compared to 5-6000 hours on industrial quality gaseous gensets. Even 3600 rpm diesel engines normally have a 10,000 to 15,000 hour life expectancy.
  • Diesel engines are less expensive to operate. Diesel generators are designed for off-road applications and can operate on dyed or construction diesel fuel which is sold without the road tax and is considerably cheaper to purchase.
  • Diesel engines can operate in arctic-cold conditions  with fuel additive.
  • Diesel fuel is safer because of the high flash point it is difficult to start a fire with diesel fuel.
  • Diesel engines perform better when worked under a load for a long period of time.
  • Diesel fuel is easier to obtain during a disaster because it is necessary fuel for the military, trucking industry, and farming operations.
  • the diesel generator set cost of owning is much lower over the long run than gaseous gensets.

What the advances of buying a diesel generator instead of gas generator  -  Negative factors for diesel engines:

  • Engine noise is higher. The use of designed enclosure and sound attenuation system is more important on a diesel generator set.
  • In some states, diesel engines are not allow to operate over a number of hours per year because of the emission of diesel fuel does cause air pollution.  
  • Requires more maintenance than a gaseous unit and requires clean moisture free fuel.
  • A diesel engine is subject easier to "wet stacking" if run for long periods of time with ultra light loads than gaseous gensets.
  • If you live where hurricane can develop you might need a large fuel tank due to the possibility of extended power outages. Some counties require the generator on-board fuel tanks to be double-wall containment type which does increase the cost of the genset.
  • Diesel generator set are heavier then their counterpart gaseous genset and can cost considerably more than a inexpensive air-cooled gas generator set.

We hope this gives you the necessary information to see the positive and negative of each type of  genset.


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What the advantages of buying a diesel generator instead of gas generator?


What are the most important things to consider when purchasing a standby/emergency diesel generator set system?
Find out what you need to consider before you purchase your emergency diesel generator set system. 


What does the term "Wet Stacking" mean in a diesel engine?
Diesel engines are designed to operate with a load. When a diesel engine operates considerably below the rated output level the engine can start to over-fuel or "Wet Stack".    


What is the function of the electronic controller on a diesel generator set?
The electronic controller are used for safe shutdowns and monitors the operation of the engine and generator functions.

 Before buying a  Diesel Generator Set see what information you need to know.

How do transfer switches work and can I install one myself?
We recommend that transfer switches be installed by a licensed electrician for  safety reason.

How is  the noise level calculated on generators?
Find out the different noise levels on generators and what each level means.


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